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Christoph Schmaltz

Made this to commemorate his sweet, sentimental Oscar speech which made me cry and roll my eyes at the same time :’)



Neumeier’s “Nijinsky”

Neumeier’s “Nijinsky” premiered in Canada tonight, and it is, by far, the most unrepentantly astounding ballet I’ve ever seen. Guillaume Côté is an absolute virtuoso, a GENIUS. I saw a dancer achieve his Sistine Chapel tonight; how does anyone put so much on the line and make it through alive? This ballet choked me out, pulled mercury tears from my eyes, and made me lose all discretion; I regret that during the encore I cheered so loudly I think I actually freaked out a few dancers. It was ridiculously good. Reprehensibly good. It goes against the dictates of decency to make a ballet that good. John Neumeier is the best kind of genius: he gives other artists a chance to be as great as they want to be. It was such a privilege to witness Mr. Côté receiving the deafening applause that he deserves for achieving such jagged perfection on stage. So yes… well-worth the seven hours in the rush ticket line!